Hungary, Jászszentlászló



Kunfakó is a hungarian horse breeding association, located in the heart of the Great Plain. The purpose of the rearing is to maintain the noble blood line of the horses with specific genetic conditions with which our ancestors conqured the Carpathian basin. The crew’s mission is to save the horses to the next generations, creating an infinite loop between the past and the future.

The members of the association are humble, open minded and plain people who deeply respect the hungarian traditional and cultural values. It’s shown in their clothing too, beacause they usually wear traditional sets with our folk art decoration. The concept of the logo was built on the visual translation of these aspects.

The association created its name from the words ‘kun’ that stands for the kunság region, and ‘fakó’ /pale in english/ after the basically lighter shades of the horses. The photo styles and the whole branding is focused on mirroring this faded feeling. The identity colors are reflecting to the colour of the two breeds:
silver and golden mobs.

The horses are especially steady, puritan and calmed types, kept always under the free air without stallions. Horseback trips within and around the country are important for the crew. They go on tours annually on a nomad way don’t caring about any weather condition. I used a texture in the identity that reminds to the lines of the rough ground, hills, and land.



Branding & identity photography by Anna Takács

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